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Keep track of usage and costs

Want to see how many calls you’ve made or how much data you’ve downloaded? Simply visit our website or download the SimpleRoam app on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to view your phone calls, text messages and data downloads in real time and monitor your spending.

We can also send you a text message when you are near your spend limit. If necessary, you can top up your SimpleRoam OneSim pre-paid card. There’s no need to worry if you have a post-paid account.

Organisations can get detailed reporting and analytics on their mobile communications costs as well. Managers can track individual users and devices, monitor usage trends in real time and manage voice and data usage remotely.


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Mobile Data

Data plans in over 151 countries at one low fixed price. SimpleRoam Mobile Wi-Fi is a simple-to-use travel essential.



The SimpleRoam OneSim gives you direct access to high-quality international voice and data networks for a fraction of the price..


Global Bridge

Business travellers who need to attend teleconferences while they’re on the road..

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