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Mobile data

SimpleRoam offers highly competitive data roaming plans that cover more than 151 countries so you can enjoy easy access to information at any time – without worrying about the size of your bill when you get home.

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Mobile Wi-Fi

SimpleRoam Mobile Wi-Fi is a simple to use travel essential. The ultra compact device allows you to connect up to ten wireless-enabled gadgets at any time

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Save money by managing data use

Our custom data roaming plans allow organisations to save on roaming costs for individual workers and across a fleet of devices.

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Keep track of
usage and costs

Want to see how much data you’ve downloaded? Simply visit our website or download the SimpleRoam app on your smartphone or tablet.


A plan for every need

Since each user or organisation has different data needs, SimpleRoam offers a range of business, corporate and enterprise data plans to meet your budgets, usage patterns and circumstances. Call us for more information on our range of plans.


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Mobile Data

Data plans in over 151 countries at one low fixed price. SimpleRoam Mobile Wi-Fi is a simple-to-use travel essential.



The SimpleRoam OneSim gives you direct access to high-quality international voice and data networks for a fraction of the price..


Global Bridge

Business travellers who need to attend teleconferences while they’re on the road..

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