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By 2014, around 3.3 billion people are expected to travel overseas for business or pleasure, up 44% from 2009. Many, if not all, of them will be carrying smartphones, tablets or both.

In 2011, around 491 million smartphones and tablets were sold. Analyst firm IDC predicts that by 2016, sales of smartphones and tablets will reach 1.36 billion worldwidea growth of 177%. By that time, smartphones, laptops and other portable devices will drive about 90% of global mobile data traffic.

Travellers are increasingly looking for a simple, affordable and reliable way to stay connected while on the road. By offering SimpleRoam to your customers, you can capitalise on the cost saving benefits our products deliver and grow your business.



A flexible product that can be offered globally

SimpleRoam products are a natural fit for organisations in the communications, ICT and travel and tourism industries. Our products can be offered directly to customers, accompanied with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, or leveraged to deliver mobile applications. They can also be offered anywhere in the world. Call us to find out how you can use SimpleRoam products to grow your business.


Save your customers money

SimpleRoam’s key selling point is a killer: the fact is your customers can save themselves up to 85% of their mobile communications costs by using SimpleRoam.

Helping you succeed

SimpleRoam is committed to the success of its partners. We invest heavily in R&D and network infrastructure to maintain our position as the world leader in simple, reliable and affordable roaming solutions. SimpleRoam is provided on either a pre-paid or post-paid basis.

We can also work with you to co-brand our products so they feel just like your own. This gives you the option of making SimpleRoam a value-added service, a part of your business or your whole business.

If you’d like to offer SimpleRoam products to your customers, contact us to join our partner network.


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Mobile Data

Data plans in over 151 countries at one low fixed price. SimpleRoam Mobile Wi-Fi is a simple-to-use travel essential.



The SimpleRoam OneSim gives you direct access to high-quality international voice and data networks for a fraction of the price..


Global Bridge

Business travellers who need to attend teleconferences while they’re on the road..

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